CLT International Foundation, Inc.  
Digital Inclusion for the Socio-Economic and Ethno-Cultural Minorities  
To facilitate greater access1 to quality resources for development programs for the youth
To provide a support structure2 by creating an apolitical and safe social space for people and / or organizations serving in that capacity in under-served communities.
To enable key processes3 of learning through technology that caters to both individuals and organizations in the under-served communities.
CLT International supports non-profit endeavors that promote cultural and educational programs and human services. Based in Washington Metropolitan Area, it makes strategic investments that support and mobilize citizens'/institutions' participation in addressing critical issues and effecting social change. It is designed to promote the health and well being of the people and to strengthen under-served communities.
The Foundation has a strong commitment to the voluntary, non-profit sector. It will therefore assist efforts to improve the financial base and efficiency of organizations and institutions in this category
The Foundation will also support projects to develop the capacity of local organizations in developing countries, which should enable the transfer of responsibility to the citizens for managing and solving their own problems.
  Youth Works  
Set up 'Youth Works' - an after-school mentor-driven initiative to empower the youth to become agents of change in their own communities - A two-way process where the community works with the youth and the youth give back to the community.
  1. Digital Inclusion: Large numbers of youth in underserved communities are excluded from the opportunities due to limited or no access to technology. Through technology-centred programs the void is to be bridged.  
2. Safe Social Space: A space where diverse people come together and engage in activities that is non-clichéd and non-formal with a strong mentoring program.
  3. Learning Process: Self-Directed Learning mode; mentor facilitated; peer-to-peer learning; project based; technology-enabled programs.
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