CLT was conceived in 1997 and started with one program _ School-Mid-Day-Meal _in one Government School for day laborer’s children. It has evolved into an Education and developmental alternative model that is scaleable, replicable and sustainable.


CLT started adopting schools many years before the Department of Education put in a process for Adopyion of Schools.


Our school-lunch was Community-owned kitchens run with their full participation. This program ran for 7 Years in many schools till it became a State Government policy to implement it in all schools.


Education with ICT Tools was launched in 2000 for a village school with 1,000 children coming from 10 villages. Most had not seen Computers, and a few thought of it as a smart calculator. No one thought it could be used as an aid by teachers for technology-aided teaching. This whole process brought a shift in how teaching was perceived and learning was experienced in Jakkur community!


Year 2008 marks ten years and CLT has made some inroads to unfamiliar territories, engaging in some path-breaking initiatives. CLT’s e-learning initiative - e-Patashale program- is integrated into many government schools with CLT’s  own curricula-based, locally relevant content in regional and English languages. CLT has an After-school Learning Center- our  flagship program- that is self-directed and mentor-driven and is part of the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network.

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