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Sri Adichunchanagiri Mahasamthana Math, sanctified by the penance of Lord Shiva, is an ancient religious Institution of India. This "Dharmapeetha" is committed for preservation
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SOCIAL Activities
Millions look to this ancient Monastery, for both spiritual and mundane guidance...
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Vision of our HOLINESS
  • Spiritual Activities
  • Education Activities
  • Health Care Activities
  • Environmental Activities
  • Social Activities
  • Moral & Cultural Activities
    HEALTH CARE Activities
    In the holy lineage of “Guruparampara”, Hi Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sri ...
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    SPIRITUAL Activities
    Sri Swamiji, apart from teaching spirituality, set out to uplift the society through ...
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    Guruji with DIGNITARIES
    EDUCATION Activities
    The Math’s objective envisages the spreading of essence of spiritualism ...
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